CURRENT THEME: Famous Last Words

Accepting Submissions through January.

Title Fights currently accepts fiction and fiction only. We do not have minimum or maximum requirements, but try to be reasonable. Work should be submitted in .doc or .rtf formats.

Submission works a little differently for Title Fights than most journals. Every month we have a round that has a theme (current theme being displayed above) where we draw our titles from. If you are interested in submitting for that month, request a title at Then, just submit whatever you came up with for that title, again at And that's all there is to it!

Actually there are a few other things. We understand that we are asking more than most journals by expecting authors to create material specific to us; however, we do not guarantee to publish anyone if the work does not meet our standards. We play it pretty fast and loose here but we are still a literary journal.

All work on Title Fights is owned by the author; we do not retain any rights to the work published. However, if you publish a story originally published here somewhere else it'd be very sweet of you to mention us.

If you submit to Title Fights it would be greatly appreciated if you would report on your experiences with Duotrope's Digest.

Report your response times at Duotrope's Digest