Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Round 3


And the pretty girl circles the ring...

E-mail us at if you'd like to participate. The deadline will be August 1st. Round 3's titles will be culled from the catalog of Jimi Hendrix's song titles. And of course tell your friends.


A reminder: We only require that your story maintain the title we assign - length, genre, form, etc. are all up to you. Part of the excitement, we feel, is having this unique combination of freedom and pressure. You have a deadline, and the smallest starting point, but beyond that it is your satisfaction and your satisfaction only that need be satiated. Outside of what is academic, outside of what is conventional, write freely.

That said, we will reject pieces. Some editors, to state the obvious, will be more finicky than others. We can tell when you're swinging for the fences, and that's (almost exclusively) what we want to see.


Another note: We appreciate the patience from both readers and writers. We are admittedly new at this and are working out the kinks. A little insight: This is being operated by three editors and we are round robin-ing the responsibilities. Not having developed a skeleton for this thing, we've encountered some inconsistencies between editors. This will continue to a degree - however, we will of course learn from our experiences and develop a somewhat more consistent e-journal philosophy as we move along.

Thank you again for your patience and for being the most important part of this.

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