Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Round 4

Alright, Fighters, it's go time! It is time to give it our all and leave everything out on that field because the Gipper and I are looking for the best damn “sports cliché” story you got. Dig down deep and find that little extra, so you can go the extra mile, one inch at a time. Because at the end of the day chicks dig the long ball, defense wins championships, and it’s a whole new ball game, so get off the bench and write one for me, write one for yourself, for your team, for your momma, but mostly write one for the Gipper.

Who are we?!
Title Fights!
What are we gonna’ do?!
When are we gonna’ do it?!
Until September 30th!
Where do we get a title?!
Send an email request to!
Are we looking for flash fiction?!
Only if it’s really good, but for the most part no!
Title Fights on 3!
1! 2! 3!

(I would like to thank Cailin Iverson for her help on this issue.)

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