Tuesday, March 1, 2011

This Month in Title Fights: A Bit of a Bit You Know.

A horse walks into a bar with a broken leg. The bartender says, “What’s going on with Title Fights this month?”

Because the horse can’t get enough of us, he says, “They’re doing bits of old jokes.”

The bartender says, “Like the ‘set’em up-knock’em down’ kind?”

The horse says, “Yeah.”

The bartender says, “That’s lame.”

And the horse says, “Too far.”

The bartender says, “Sorry. How can I get a title?” The horse says, “Marry up,” and the house-band drummer does a rim-shot.

Then the horse says, “Send an email to titlefights@gmail.com, and they will give you your title.”

The bartender says, “What’s the deadline?”

The horse says, “March 31.”

The bartender says, “This bit is going on a while, huh?”

The horse says, “Yep.”

The bartender says, “Do you think if I walk away, it will stop?”

The horse says, “Give it a try,” and the bartender turns and

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